About ChicagoNet

ChicagoNet is a leading Chicagoland Internet Service Provider with years of networking experience. ChicagoNet provides a range of value-priced Internet services for individuals and businesses. ChicagoNet's complete Internet service offers competitive pricing, software options, local access, and person-to-person customer support.

All Digital Service

With digital service, your call is digitized at the phone company and sent to ChicagoNet over noise free digital T1 lines. Your call is then answered at ChicagoNet by DIGITAL computers. The result is a much faster and cleaner connection.

V.90, x2 and K56flex
3COM/USR, Rockwell, Lucent

Supporting all standards, ChicagoNet takes your dialup experience to the next level. In addition to our support  of the V.90 modem technology,  3Com/ U.S. Robotics' x2 modem technology and  K56flex technology, ChicagoNet supports dialup ISDN (64K - 128K).  You can find additional dialup information here.

Nationwide Local Dialup Access

More locations to server you better. With more than 1,000 A-Band Local dialup locations, ChicagoNet clients are assured of the lowest possible local phone service cost available.

Our Services
ChicagoNet offers complete Internet solutions for individuals, businesses.We work closely with partners to bring the best solutions to you.
How to Reach Us
Whether you want to mail, phone or email us here's how. Start here to make contact with sales, operations, support, or accounting.

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