V.92 / V.44 Modem FAQ

Information on the V.92 / V.44 technology.

The V.92 analog modem standard adds new features to V.90 modems. Key features of the V.92 standard include:

  • Quick connect, which shortens a modem's connection time by remembering the line conditions to the dial-up server. It then uses that information to connect quickly without going through the 
    training sequence. Users will be able to re-establish a connection significantly faster than with the previous standard, reducing the waiting period to establish a connection. The increase in connection speed depends on local line conditions.
  • Modem-on-hold, which emulates the combined voice and data capabilities of broadband modems by giving users the convenience of being able to accept an incoming phone call during an Internet session without losing the dial-up connection. The end user and service provider modems coordinate with each other to temporarily suspend and then re-activate the connection without having to end the Internet session. For Internet users with only a single phone line, modem-on-hold allows them to handle both data and voice calls over the same line.
  • Pulse Code Modulation (PCM) Upstream, which increases the speed at which information is sent to a network -- up to 48,000 
    bits per second, compared to 31,200 bits per second with earlier technology. This is a significant advantage for remote-connectivity applications involving large file transfers and e-mail attachments.

V.44 is the latest ITU-approved standard for compressing data for faster throughput. Data compression increases the effective speed of an Internet connection by analyzing the data and encoding it so that it can be sent 
more efficiently. V.44 was developed specifically with the goal of improving real time Internet use. The most notable benefit for Internet 
users is the ability to browse the Web at higher apparent speeds.

Where can I get more information?

Check V92.com for more information and upgrades.

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