V.90 FAQ 

Where can I find more information on the V.90 technology?

Check V90.com for info and upgrades.

Will V.90 fix problems with connecting at x2 and K56Flex 

All ChicagoNet equipment is v.90 capable.  There are some Telco
factors that are beyond our control, and these do prevent x2 or 
K56Flex  in very few sites. Because of the advances in the 56K
technologies, some of these Telco problems may not affect V.90.  
It is possible that V.90 may work in some areas where x2 or 
K56Flex  does not work.

How can I upgrade my modem to V.90?

It is the individual user’s responsibility to obtain the necessary 
upgrades to make their modem V.90 capable.

Check V90.com for info and upgrades.

Sportster -  http://www.3com.com/56k/usr/upgrade/index.html
Courier - http://www.3com.com/56k/connect/upgrades.html
Megahertz - http://www.3com.com/56k/megahertz/upgrades.html

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