Windows 95 Dialup Networking Setup

1- Make sure that you have Dial-Up Networking installed on your computer. ( If you are not sure, do Step 2.)

2- If you do not have Dial-Up Networking installed you need to:

Go to "Control Panel.  Then "Double click "Add/Remove Programs".

Select the "Windows Setup" Tab. Put a check in Communications Box and double click on "Communications".

Check the "Dial-Up Networking Box."  Click "OK."  Click "OK " again.

Dial-Up Networking will be loaded and you may be asked to restart the computer.

Configure Network:

1- Go to Control Panel.

2- Double click on the "Network" icon.    

3- Double Click Dial-Up Adaptor.

4- Click Add.

5- Click Protocol, then, click add again.

6- Select Microsoft on left side, select TCP/IP on right side.

7- Click OK.

8- Click OK again.

9- You will be asked to restart computer.

Create a Dial-Up Networking Session for ChicagoNet

1- Double click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop.

2- Double click the Dial-Up Networking folder.

3- The "Setup Wizard" will begin.

4- Type the name you would like your connection icon to be called (e.g., Chicagonet)

5- Check the type of modem listed to be sure it matches the type of modem in your computer then, Click Next.

6- Enter Area Code and Telephone Number for the service you are dialing. (Refer to the ChicagoNet local dialup list.)

7- Click Next.

8- Confirm the name of your connection and click Finish.

9- After finishing the setup, click once on the icon that was just created by the Dial-Up Wizard. It will be the same name you gave to the connection.( e.g., Chicagonet), and select File, then Properties from the menu.

11- Click on the "Server Type" tab.

12- Uncheck the box for logging onto the network.
13- Uncheck the boxes for "NetBEUI" and "IPX/SPX" and make sure that the TCP/IP box is checked.
14- Click on "TCP/IP settings".

15- Make sure that there is a "dot" in the following fields: "Server assigned IP address" and "Specify name server addresses".
16- Type in the Primary and Secondary DNS server addresses as shown below.

17- Click "OK"

18- Click "OK"

19- Click "OK"

Starting Your Connection

1- Double click on the icon in Dial-Up Networking that you created for Chicagonet.

2- Enter your username.

3- Enter your password.

4- Click on the connect button.

5- Your phone should dial.

6- Wait a few seconds and you will be connected.

7- Minimize the window that has the connection information in it.

8- Congratulations!!! You are now connected to the Internet.

9- You are free to run any Internet application, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.


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