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Internet Explorer

Windows 3.1 Setup

1- Install Disks

2- Once you install disks, double click on the icon ChicagoNet. This will open the Connect To window.

3. Type in your dialup username and password. Then select Properties.

4. Type your loval area code and local dialup phone number .
See the ChicagoNet local dialup phone number list.
Then, uncheck the "Disconnect if idle for more than" Box.

5- Click on the Modem Tab.

6- Make sure your Com Port setting is correct and change the Modem speed to 38400.

7- Click "Ok". This will bring you back to the "Connect to" Dialog Box.

8- Click on the "Dial Settings" Button.

9- Type the area code you are dialing from. If you have call waiting, check the box and type in the appropriate code to disable it. Then Click "OK". This will bring you back to the "Connect To" window.

10- Last Step. Click the "Connect" Button.

"Congratulations!!! You are now connected to the Internet. Once connected I.E. will start automatically.


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