Helpful Internet Sites

Children and the Internet

Because much of what is available on the Internet is not suitable for children, there are now several programs available to allow parents to monitor and screen what their children find on the Internet:

Internet Help

Ask Dr. Internet has many of the more frequently asked questions about the Internet and their answers.

The Newbie Net has many pages set up in an easy-to-use, class type format. It has information all about the Internet, from Netiquette to HTML.

The New (and Old) User's Guide to the net provides an Internet tour, as well as information about different operating systems and the Internet and programming.

This is a comprehensive list of sites with both beginning and advanced Internet references, including a link to the helpful Zen and the Art of the Internet.

World Wide Web Help

A new users guide to the World Wide Web including a wealth of information, explanations, tutorials, and links to other places for information and utilities.

New User's Directory gives a good overview of the Web.

Exploring the World Wide Web is a self-directed tutorial with interesting guides to the Internet, WWW and HTML.

The World Wide Web FAQ has many of the more frequently asked questions about the web.

Web Search & Directories

A web page containing links to the most popular web directories and search vehicles.

Macintosh Help

The Ultimate Macintosh is a site with many links to various Macintosh resources.

Info-Mac is a good place to go when you have questions about specific Macintosh applications. It is a large, searchable archive of information.


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