MAC Remote Access Services

To change the User ID, Phone Number & DNS Numbers

1. Select Control Panels from the Apple pull-down menu and select Remote Access.

2. Write down the current contents of the Name field before deleting. Enter your e-mail address in the Name field (for example,

3. Write down the current phone number in the Number field. Delete the contents of the Phone Number field.

4. Enter the new phone number in the Number field and include any dial prefixes used with the old number (for example, *70 followed by a comma to disable call waiting, and/or a 9 followed by a comma to connect to an outside line with a PBX phone system).

5. Close the Remote Access window.

6. Click Save.

To change the Domain Name Servers in TCP/IP

1. Next to Connect via, select PPP.

2. Next to Configure, select Using PPP Server.

3. Select User Mode from the Edit menu. Select Basic and click OK.

4. In the Name server address box, type the following:

5. In the Search domains box, enter

6. Close TCP/IP and save the changes.


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