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Getting Started

Note: You will need software to enable your connection. You will need two things in particular: MacTCP (this is included in your system software if you have version 7.5 or higher), and a PPP client (some examples are FreePPP, and MacPPP (ConfigPPP).

1.Once you have installed your PPP client, the first step would be to setup MacTCP. Open your MacTCP control panel by going to "Control Panels" under your apple menu. Once the control panel is open, make sure that "PPP" is selected in black rather than Localtalk. Click on the button labelled "more".


2. Once you are into MacTCP you will notice in the upper right hand corner the words "obtain address". Check the bullet next to "Server". Next to the obtain address field you should notice the "IP Address" field. The class should be set to "C". Under the IP Address field you will notice the Domain Name Server Information. Under the "Domain" field input: Next to in the "IP Address" field input the numbers:  Make sure that this is set to the default. Next, under the Domain field under the entry, input a period. Under the IP Address field next the the period input the numbers:  If you become confused about setup at any particular time please refer to the picture below.

Note: You will need to restart your Macintosh for your changes to take effect.

 Congratulations!! you've setup MacTCP!! Now for the second half....

Config PPP

The following instructions are for those using Config PPP. Config PPP is a somewhat old ppp client but it will still make a reliable connection if configured properly. Configuration of Config PPP is more difficult than FreePPP (which is why we recommend FreePPP). If you wish to continue using Config PPP please follow the instructions below.

Note: If you are using FreePPP please skip over Config PPP instructions to the FreePPP instructions.

1. After installing ConfigPPP (place the control panel in the control panels folder in your system folder), open the ConfigPPP control panel by opening the ConfigPPP control panel the "control panels" folder under your apple menu. You should see a control panel resembling the graphic below.

2. Once you are in the control panel click the "new" button located at the bottom of the control panel. The next screen you will see should have the text: "PPP Server Name:" located at the top. In the blank next to the text input: ChicagoNet. Once you have input the text check the port speed (19200 if you have a 14.4 modem, or 38400 if you have a 28.8 modem, or 57600 if you have a 56k modem). Set the flow control to None. Check the Tone Dial box and input the phone number (773-475-1501 in Chicago). You may leave the modem init blank if you are unfamiliar with your particular modems initialization string. Do not worry about the modem connect timeout, the default setting should work correctly.

3. Click the "Connection Script" button located in the lower left hand corner of your window. You should now have a window with the text: "wait timeout" located at the top. Do not change the default of the wait timout seconds.

4. You should see "out" and "wait" radio boxes. Make sure you set the Connection script exactly as shown in the graphic with the exception of "your username" and "your password". Please input your personal username and password in these blanks. Make sure you enter your username as "". When you are done click the "OK" button in the bottom right of the screen.

5. Once you’ve clicked "OK" you’ll be placed back into the PPP server name window. Now, click the button labelled Authentication. You will be prompted to place your userid (username) and Password in the blanks. When you are finished click "Done". This will move you back to the PPP server name window. Click "Done" and you will be moved out to the configPPP control panel. Now you have finished setting up your configPPP control panel. When you want to make a new connection just click "Open". When you are finished with your connection click "Close".

Free PPP setup.

The following is the setup for FreePPP.

1. After you have installed FreePPP click on the new telephone icon located on the menubar (it will be next to the "?" or finder). Drag down to the option "FreePPP setup". Once you have selected FreePPP setup you will get the setup window.

2. Click on the "Account" tab. Next, click on the "New account" tab. Input the server name ( and make sure the "connect" is set to Directly. Next input the telephone number (475-1501 for Chicago). Also input your personal username and password.

*After you click "New..."

3. Click on the "Connection" tab and check your port speed (19200 for 14.4 modems, 38,400 for 28.8 modems, 57,600 for 56K modems). Click on "OK" That’s it!! You’re done!


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