3Com Office Connect ISDN LAN Modem

3Com OfficeConnect ISDN Modem Resources
Section I - Configuring Windows to Connect to the Modem
  • From the Windows desktop, right-click on Network Neighborhood
  • Select Properties from the menu
  • Select Protocol
  • Click Add
  • Select Microsoft under manufacturers and select TCP/IP under Network Protocols
  • Select TCP/IP under the dialog box where it says "The Following Network Components are installed.
  • Click on the Properties button
  • Click on the Advanced tab
  • Select "Set This Protocol to be the Default Protocol"
  • Click on the DNS Configuration and select Disable DNS
  • Restart Your Computer
  • Install the ISDN LAN Modem Software included with your modem.
  • You will once again be prompted to restart. Restart your computer.
Section II - Configuring Your OfficeConnect to the Connect to ChicagoNet
  • Once you restart, Internet Explorer will automatically load
  • On the "Welcome to the SPID Wizard" screen, enter the phone numbers for your ISDN line. This will include channels one and two. This information can be obtained from your phone company.
  • Click Continue to proceed through the automatic setup wizard.
  • Once the Wizard is completed, a screen saying "Congratulations  . . ." will appear.
  • Click Continue
  • Back on the 3Com OfficeConnect LAN Modem WebWizard screen, click on Service Providers
  • From the drop-down menu, select New . Then hit Select
Section III - Configuring the OfficeConnect ISP Settings
  • On the Internet Service Provider menu, enter the following information:
    Remember: Name, User ID, and Password are CASE-SENSITIVE
  • Name: ChicagoNet
  • ISDN Telephone Numbers: Enter Your Local Dial-in Numbers Here
  • Security User ID: Your ChicagoNet User Name
    If you are unable to connect, add  us,ppp in front of the username (ie: us,ppp,username)
  • Password: Your ChicagoNet Password
  • Domain Name Servers (DNS) IP Addresses:
  • Bandwidth Allocation: Set at Your Preference
  • Use on B channel = 64k connect
  • Use both B channels = 128k connect
  • Add second channel as required = 64k & 128k connect as required
  • Miscellaneous B channel rate = 64k
  • The rest of the configuration is optional
  • The screen will say "All Parameters have Been Configured"
  • Click on the ISP Wizard
  • A screen will appear and have all your information entered. If you notice something is incorrect, repeat the setup from Section II. If it all correct, click Continue
  • Your modem is now configured and connected to ChicagoNet. The 3Com page should open in the web browser.

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