Dedicated Dialup & Static IP

Individuals and businesses looking for a way to operate small web servers or other light traffic servers without the initial burden of dedicated line costs and security issues will find dedicated dialup a good way to start. Even if you are thinking about a dedicated LAN connection down the road, going this route will enable an individual or business to start inexpensively and see first-hand what will be valuable and meaningful for them.

Dedicated Dialup Account :

ISDN 64K, V.90, 56 Kbs (USR x2)
K56Flex (Rockwell, Lucent), and 33.6 Kbs -  $74.95

ISDN 128K  - $124.95

Static IP Address with Dedicated Modem
Continuous, unlimited attended or unattended access.
Flat Rate Monthly
PPP Account
Two E-Mail Addresses
Uncensored Usenet Newsgroups (33,000)
24 hour access to WWW, E-Mail, FTP, Gopher, IRC, etc.

ChicagoNet Internet Explorer and Netscape Internet software.

How To Get Started

Call us at 708 656-6900 to register by phone or have an account application faxed to you. In most cases we can start your service the same day.

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